Two More Ways to Shut Down Writer’s Block

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I haven’t tried these, but people tell me they work:

1. Write yourself a permission slip. Give yourself permission to be awful. “Dear World, Please excuse Chloe for being a talentless hack. She can’t help it. Don’t judge. She’s doing the best she can. Love, Chloe”

2. Visualize, then banish your inner critic. Get a good mental image of your inner critical voice. It might resemble one of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, or your alcoholic uncle, or your eighth grade English teacher (Oh, by the way, fuck you, Mrs. Valensky). Once you can clearly see the critic in your mind’s eye, banish them!* I would imagine flipping Mrs. Valensky a quarter and telling her to go see a movie.

* In accordance with emerging contemporary practice, I’m using “them” as a gender-neutral pronoun. Suck it, old school grammarians.

Let the wild rumpus start!

Three Ways to Shut Down Writer’s Block Now

Photo Credit Used under a CC licence
Photo Credit Used under a CC licence

I link and  post a lot about writer’s block. That’s ’cause it is a frequent visitor.  *sigh* Here are three things that I do to shut down writer’s block:

1. Have a shower (a cold one in summer, a hot one in winter, or whatever floats your boat). If you change what you do with your body, you change what you get with your mind.

2. Go for a walk. This is the same principle, plus it works off some of the adrenalin amped up by the anxious writer’s block thoughts.

3. Change formats. If you are writing longhand in a notebook, go type on the laptop. If you are sitting at the computer banging your head on the keys, find some paper and a pen.