Photo Credit Used under a CC licence
Photo Credit Used under a CC licence

Question: What assumptions do people make about you because of your writing? Are any of them true?

Here is a list of assumptions people have made about me because of what I write:

1. I practice Wicca or some other form of ritual magic. Not true. I’m an atheist. I think magical thinking is interesting. I sometimes wish the world worked that way, that I could know my future from tea leaves and such. So I write about it instead. If it were true, I’d write about something else instead.

2. I condone violence as a solution. Not true. I’m not a pacifist, but I think violence should always be a last resort, and circumstances need to be extreme for violence to be necessary or justified. The fact some of my characters do not agree with me is what make it, y’know . . . fiction.

3. That I’m confused/troubled/ambivalent or otherwise messed up about my sexuality. One person even asked me if I thought of myself as a prude. Nope. My characters sometimes have issues in that part of life. I write it that way because I think those are interesting and complex problems to have. Good characters need to have problems, that’s what moves the story along.