Nanowrimo update

Day 19 . . . not going well. I wouldn’t say that I hate myself and want to die, but I will say FML.

Also, totally envious of Jen Ryan’s productivity in her NaNoWriMo. Happy for her brilliance and success, of course, she has been and continues to be working hard. Good for her, and praised be her name among the angels et cetera et cetera. (But I’m still bitter about my own lacklustre performance anyway).

It’s easy to blame work and other circumstances for getting out of hand, but it all comes down to me. I’m well-adjusted enough to realize I have only myself (and my inability to say no) to blame. But I’m not so well-adjusted that I’ve lost the desire to blame someone else for my sitch. *sigh*

Having said all that, I’m about half-way through chapter 9. Which isn’t exactly as good as it sounds, but it’s something, not nothing. Progress not fucking perfection.

head in bag
Being halfway through chapter 9 would be more impressive if I hadn’t completed chapters 1-8 long in advance of this NaNoWriMo. FML.