So . . . that happened.


I finished Blood Rain a few weeks ago, in April 2017.

I’ve signed a contract with Canadian indie publisher Filidh Books.  When I know more about release dates and book signings and readings and all that jazz, I’ll update here, along with links to the publisher’s website.

It took me twelve years of on-again, off-again writing to finish Blood Rain. It’s gross and scary and funny. I hope you’ll like it.

I’m hard at work on Downward Dog. 

The story I want to be able to tell at parties is that writing the first novel took twelve years, but writing the second only took four months.

Even if it takes longer than that, I might tell that story anyway. (Writers are such liars).

Taking a break (and not)

Photo Credit. Used under a CC license
Photo Credit. Used under a CC license

I have three days off in the middle of the week! Bad for the pocketbook, but good for Blood Rain. I can see the end of this forever-first draft.

My focus on that plus some changes in family life (that I may or may not write about, I haven’t decided yet) mean I’m taking the week off. DWSG will return next Monday, July 13 2015.