Hey y’all, I need some reviewers! 

Here’s the deal:

  • I send you an epub or paperback copy (your choice)
  • You post an honest review without spoilers on Good Reads or Amazon.ca (Canadian author, eh?) within thirty days of receipt
  • You send me a link to your review via email [ chloe(dot)a(dot)cocking@gmail.com ]
  • I send you a nice “thank you” note

Be advised that Blood Rain contains violence, gore, and other stuff not suitable for sensitive adults. If you enjoy horror, this is the book for you. If you don’t enjoy horror, give it a wide berth.

The short stories in Fables, Fictions, and Fantasies: A Compendium range from humorous to drama/action/adventure and back. There is a some cursing and a bit of (what I think of as) mild violence. It’s a much lighter read than Blood Rain, so it’s suitable for general adult readership.   

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor, used under a CC licence


How do I get the books?

Send me an email [ chloe(dot)a(dot)cocking@gmail.com ] and tell me which book you want, and whether you’d like an epub-format ebook or a paperback. If you want paper, you’ll need to send me a mailing address, too.

I want a paperback; who’s paying for the postage? 


Can I review both books?


Why is there a 30 day window to post the review?

Because without deadlines, we humans tend to procrastinate. That said, if it’s day 29 and you haven’t finished, send me an email and we can work out a different timeline that fits your schedule. I’d rather a late review than no review at all.

What’s stopping me from getting books and not reviewing them? 

Nothing. This is on the honour system, y’all. A couple of people have already gotten free books but failed to follow up with a review; I accept that may happen from time to time.

I don’t want to write a review, but I want to read your book(s) and can’t afford to purchase them

Please know that if you are flat-broke and for whatever reason can’t write a review, I will email you a free e-book.  This policy might change when the process for getting e-books into public libraries is complete. But for now at least, I’m happy to help you out with a free e-book.  Reading is one of life’s great pleasures, and lack of funds shouldn’t be a barrier to it.

I prefer paperbacks to e-books, will you mail me a free paperback?

Sorry, no.

What if I read your book(s) and don’t like them? 

Say that in the review. Honesty is the best policy. Remember that your review will be used to help other readers decide if they should buy the book or not. If you didn’t like the book, be specific about why you didn’t like it (e.g. “I like my Urban Fantasy to have elements of romance, and to contain a couple of “sexy-time” scenes. This book didn’t have those elements, so I was disappointed.”)  Try to make your review helpful to the reading public, not my narcissism.

Are there any guidelines or rules for my review(s)?

Be advised that both Amazon.ca and Good Reads have review policies around abusive reviews.  So a review that says “Some of the characters seem two-dimensional” or “Plotline is too predictable” or “The book needed better proof-reading” are legitimate statements of opinion, but “This author is a big stinky poo-poo head and should have her fingers cut off so she can’t write any more terrible books” is not appropriate. (Also, I am not stinky! I shower once a month, whether I need it or not. *rimshot*)

If you want to pick on me personally ‘cos you think I’m a jerk, do that on Twitter, that’s what it’s there for.

* featured image of the yellow puffballs was created by Danielle Macinnes, used here under a CC licence.

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