I made a decision twenty years ago.

I decided that I would set creative writing to one side so that I could focus on obtaining what some people would call ‘a real profession’.

Ten years ago, I decided I couldn’t avoid writing any more without some part of me dying, so I started writing creatively again as a ‘hobbyist’.

Being a hobbyist isn’t enough for me.

Having a ‘professional’ job hasn’t gotten me all that I hoped it would. Furthermore, it costs me emotional energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Having spent those pennies at work, I have little-to-nothing to put into writing projects.

That’s gotten even worse since I started looking for a new (white collar professional) job. I’ve had even less zazz. This is because I experience looking for work to be twice as draining as actually working the job. Writing has slowed to a trickle.  Why in the world should I try so hard for a job I don’t actually want to do?

So I’ve decided to give up.

That’s it. I quit. Don’t want to do it anymore. Not gonna do it anymore.

I hereby resign from the world of white collar professionalism.

Enough is enough.

I am going to get a J-O-B that pays the bills that I can do in my sleep.  Then I will write my ass off.



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