Another Selection from Blood Rain

Image Credit Used under a CC licence
Image Credit Used under a CC licence

Here’s a peek at part of chapter seven in Blood Rain.

The set up? The protagonist Suzanne has taken a night off from solving supernatural crimes to attend a high school basketball game with her friends Star and Sarah. Star’s son Josh is playing in the game.

Josh spotted us and waved his arm.  We stood next to them in line.

“Ok, I gotta go in and get changed, get the last-minute pep talk from the coach”

“Good luck, Josh,” I said.

“Yep, break a leg, kiddo,” said Star.

“Ice cream after, but only if you win,” Sarah’s eyes twinkled when she said it.


“No, you get ice cream either way. But remember, losing sucks, winning is better,” she said, grinning.

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Other projects

Photo Credit. Used under a CC license
Photo Credit. Used under a CC license

So now that Blood Rain is winding down, what else is in the cooker?

  • A novel called Downward Dog (Intrepid yoga instructor pestered by ghosts becomes embroiled with the Cult of Anubis. She has to foil their plan to end the world)
  • Something I cannot classify yet about the city of New Westminster as seen through the eyes of pets
  • A book of essays and letters in which I complain about whatever comes to mind.

Blood Rain news

Photo Credit Used under a CC license

The good news is . . .

Blood Rain only needs about 3 more chapters.

The bad news is . . .

I missed my self-imposed Sept 30 2015 deadline.

The good news is . . .

a small publisher has expressed interest in it.

The bad news is . . .

I don’t have any victims beta-readers yet.

The good news is . . .

I feel re-energized about this project and may actually finish the thing!

The Violence of the Mental Health Excuse

Photo Credit. Used under a CC license

I was going to post today about my progress with Blood Rain, but this seems more important.

Alex and Ania Splain You a Thing

It’s become a trope. A white man is involved in a shooting, and within moments people are rushing over themselves to call him mentally ill. Sometimes this happens even before there is a suspect on which to pin the label. There are several cartoons and memes out there depicting the trend, and comparing it to the coverage received by people of colour in similar circumstances.

Whenever people are called on it however, there is always someone rushing in to defend the idea claiming that no “sane” person would commit such a heinous act of violence. That that level of obsession, that level of hatred, could only be the result of there being something mentally wrong with a person.

I understand why we need to believe that. Growing up listening to tales of good and evil, the villain is always readily identifiable. Whether an underground network of evil super villains, the…

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