Not my image. Not in a million years. Photo Credit

I’ve been thinking a bit about the cover for Blood Rain. If I go the route of self-publishing, that will be up to me. If I go with the small press I’ve been speaking with, I’ll have “input”.

This inevitably led me to the Bad Ebook Covers tumblr. Here’s a selection from that Tumblr:

female wolf packs
Also not my image. Link in text below. I kinda want to write a UF novel that matches this image.

Based on the title, I assumed this book was dark urban fantasy, or maybe paranormal romance. It’s not. It’s a dating guide. I am gobsmacked because no one is thinking about the menz.  (If you have delicate sensibilities, you might want to skip that last link; it takes you to an MRA website dating article. I’m endless amused, YMMV).

I don’t think Blood Rain will look like this– at least, I hope not!

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