Creative non-fiction


I don’t think I really grok creative non-fiction.  Having read this explanation of creative non-fiction, I  know the basics. It’s the use of literary devices and techniques to tell a factual story. Fair enough. But I still think I don’t actually “get” it. Maybe it’s because I have a bias against memoirs, and often creative non-fiction takes that form?

A new word?

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I was talking to Robert this morning on the way to work. As is often the case in the morning, my mouth was moving without my brain being fully engaged. Out popped a new word: “jealerous”  a combination of “jealous” and “generous.” I think it will be useful.




1. A display of generosity calculated to stimulate envy or resentment in onlookers who do not benefit from it.
After the department manager moved on to another position, she sent an elaborate fruit basket to just a couple of the team– what a jealerous jerk!