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Arguably the most important life lessons being a writer has taught me:

5. Wherever I go, there I am

It’s impossible to escape my own obsessions, habits, quirks. That’s ok.


4. Everyone else is just as weird as me.

S’true, especially if you get to know them well enough to critique their writing.


3. Sometimes you just gotta grind it out.

It’s all hard work. Whine all you want, Chloe, it’s just hard work.


2. No one ever thinks they are the villain.

Man, I could write a thousand blog posts on this particular topic, both about characters in writing and people in flesh-world (a.k.a. ‘real life’)


And, with no real fanfare, here is the number one thing being a writer has taught me:

1. Just because I think it’s awful doesn’t necessarily mean it is  actually awful. 

Apparently the human mind is a criticism-machine, cranking out mean-spirited commentary without provocation. Pay it no mind.


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