Yep, I’m still on about the DRTL. I think I love acronyms. I also like lists. Here goes:

AFAIK =          as far as I know

AIUI =              as I understand it

BRB=               be right back

BTDT =           been there, done that

BTW =             by the way

F2F =               face to face

FTW =             for the win

FOAF =            friend of a friend

FWTW =         for what it’s worth

GAL =              get a life

GIGO =           garbage in, garbage out

HTH =             hope that helps

IANAL =          I am not a lawyer

IANAD =         I am not a doctor

ICYMI =          in case you missed it

IDC=               I don’t care

IDK=               I don’t know

IIRC =              if I recall correctly

IRL =               in real life

ISTM =            it seems to me

JK =                 just kidding

LOL =              laughing out loud

OMG =             oh my god (or gosh, if you don’t want to blaspheme. I do want to blaspheme.

I very much want to blaspheme, then giggle about it.)

OTOH =          on the other hand

OTT =             over the top

SMH=              shaking my head

STW =             search the Web  <—– I can be a real bitch in certain online discussions when ppl who know better ask dumbass questions anyway. Dear Dumbasses,  Contrary to what you may have heard, there are dumb questions. Lots of them. You are probably thinking of asking one right now. Don’t do it. Just shut up. Love, Chloe

TIL =               today I learned

TMI =              too much information

TTYL =            talk to you later

WYSIWYG =   what you see is what you get

YMMV =           your mileage may vary

YOLO=             you only live once

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