2 thoughts on “Failure 1

  1. One word answer? Nope.

    A few more words…

    Ask Vincent Van Gogh about whether professional accolades or public popularity are a true measure of success.

    Of course, ask him now… Not in his final moments of despair.


    1. Yes, no fair asking people any evaluative questions when they are deep in the clutches of the foul demon Mood Disorder. The thing you use to make the eval is the very thing that is impaired.

      Really, I think I’m carrying a bunch of the baggage creatives usually have in our culture, “if it doesn’t make money, it’s useless” and such. I know all the counter-arguments. I even believe all the counter arguments. But when the pointy claw-tips of Mood Disorder press against my ribs, it can be hard to stay grounded in that. Hence this weeks’ posts.

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