I’m a writer that loves to research. I can spend all day ferreting out facts and details. Like most introverts (and by ‘introvert’, I mean ‘introvert‘, not quiet, shy or retiring. I am none of those things. Read more on introversion and extraversion) I like to drill deep below the surface of a knowledge domain. So that means I can never tell how much research is enough. It seems I’m good at getting caught up in the details instead of getting on with it.

2 thoughts on “How much time should be spent on research?

  1. Much the same for me, though I don’t often set out to research a piece I have already chosen to write. Rather, I become interested in a topic, and a piece rises out of the research.


  2. Yeah, I’m the other way around– I read about some obscure fact and then start imagining what could be going on around it.


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