I thought this was clever.

The Waterhole

This post should probably be called “Traits to avoid when becoming a better writer,” but the current title serves its purpose. We all fall into the familiar pride and envy routine. Too proud of our words to change them, too jealous of others to write anything of our own. Every writer falls prey to these….disillusions? NO. Offenses. At the top of the list, a familiar sign….


Everyone at one point or another (hopefully) has been proud of something they’ve written. Maybe it was that 3 line haiku that you spent all morning on, or an 8 page research report. What ever it was, high amounts of pride can be debilitating to your writing and yourself. Being too proud can cause you to refuse help, and it can keep you from changing/altering any part of your work.

Sloth (Writer’s Block)

This keeps us from writing. This is when we stare at the…

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