One of the reasons I write urban fantasy is that I can essentially explain away kinks in logic with “a wizard did it” (or in my case, “a geek-chic bookstore clerk who is also a death psychic did it by mistake; she’s really sorry”).**

Here in the so-called real world *** I don’t have much patience for bad reasoning. That’s why I liked this:

Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies

How to Use the Taxonomy

People trying to convince you that coconut oil will cure your leukemia? Refer to the taxonomy. Your mom concerned you don’t believe in god? Refer to the taxonomy. Cousin trying to convince you that sleeping with chunks of malachite in your pillowcase will restore fertility? Refer to the taxonomy. Some ijit on the Interweebs blathering on and on? Refer to the taxonomy.

** That’s a big part of what goes on in Blood Rain by the way.

*** Yeah, sure, right.  I’ll believe that this is the real world as soon as you make me can get down from this unicorn.

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