Poetry for New Year’s Eve


A list of poems regardng New Year’s Eve.
A Song for New Year’s Eve” by William Cullen Bryant
Auld Lang Syne” by Robert Burns
The Old Year” by John Clare
At the Entering of the New Year” by Thomas Hardy
The Darkling Thrush” by Thomas Hardy
“New Year’s morning” by Kobayashi Issa
“New Year’s Day” by Kobayashi Issa
“New Year’s Morning” by Helen Hunt Jackson
“On a New Year’s Eve” by June Jordan
“New Year on Dartmoor” by Sylvia Plath
Archaic Torso of Apollo” by Rainer Maria Rilke
The Passing of the Year” by Robert W. Service
“New Year’s Eve” by Robert W. Service

Some of these would be good for declaiming as you stand, drunk and red-faced, on your coffee table. ( I prefer non-seasonal selections for drunken declaiming, such as William Blake and Allan Ginsberg, esp. in combination. Your mileage may vary).

Short Story: 35 Arrested After Riot in Vegan Strip Club

santa stripper

My holiday gift to anyone who’d like to read it: a 3788 word seasonal short story with strippers, shotguns, and zombies. Season’s Greetings! (Be advised, it’s a first draft).

35 Arrested After Riot in Vegan Strip Club

Kalee stifled a sigh as she rubbed John’s face in her sweaty cleavage. She tossed her long black hair over one shoulder in a practiced gesture. Wednesday nights were always a very slow night for lap dances. Continue reading “Short Story: 35 Arrested After Riot in Vegan Strip Club”