A talented and hilarious writer in one of my critique groups, Betty Sinclair, shared this:


I found this tool via the twitter-verse and thought to share it with you.

. Query Tracker


For those of you who are submitting your manuscript to publishers and agents this is a vital tool. Prior to self-publishing I was the proud recipient of over one hundred and thirty rejection letters. I posted them on my fridge and when I ran out of room I taped them to the walls of my office. Picture Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and you’ll have an idea of the level of obsession I was experiencing. Fortunately I was able to connect with readers by self-publishing, but while I was still trying to keep track of all my queries and submissions I made use of Query Tracker. The good folks who run the site allow you to catalog where you’ve submitted to, the time frame, and the results. You can also access the types of material specific agents and publishers are seeking, what their preferred contact method is, and most importantly, you can view whether other authors have had recent success with their submissions. The basic service is free and there is a small charge to upgrade to receive more detailed information.

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