An American-born French writer named Georges Polti developed what he called the thirty six dramatic situations. You can see his book here on the Internet archive if you want to read it. If you want to read a quick synopsis about  it, try this one. I’ve been pondering which plotline comes closest to what I am doing in Blood Rain. I think it comes down to POV. From the POV of the main character, Suzanne, it’s probably best described as number three, “Crime Pursued by Vengeance” (which I think is a pretty self-explanatory title) or possibly number eleven, “The Enigma”  (wherein the interrogator poses a problem to the seeker and the seeker gains an improved ability to reach the seeker’s goals). But from the POV of the black hats, I think it might best be understood as number 30 “Ambition” (wherein an ambitious person  seeks a thing coveted),  number 16 “Madness” (an insane person acts out and harms a victim) or even number eight  ‘Revolt” (in which a cruel tyrant is plotted against by a conspirator).

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