Like most writers, I have some favourite words. I was recently writing a short piece for another website on this topic, and I discovered that many of my favourite words are thematically linked. In a nutshell, they are creepy.

A sampling . . .

SKELETAL (but only pronounced the UK way, skel-EE-tal, not the US way SKEL-eh-tel).

AMNESIA (make a nice baby girl’s name, don’t you think?)

HARROWING (not sure why I like this one, but I do. The relationship the contemporary definition has to the verb to harrow is interesting)

TRUCULENT (not as creepy as the others, but still an interesting word. You can roll it around your mouth like a poisoned menthol cough drop. Go ahead, I’ll wait) 

CORPOREAL (esp. the way I tend to use it, as in “He was utterly surprised to see he had left this corporeal plane and was now plummeting toward a lake of fire.”)

I wonder if I could construct a sentence that uses all of these? The sentence should not be word salad. Let me think about it.

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